“Let us introduce ourselves”

When I first started discovering the ins and outs of the cosmetic industry and my fear level rose exponentially, I began to realise that the only way I would ever truly be happy with my beauty products was if I had in-depth knowledge of either the person and or company making my products.

This level of intense scrutiny required by me before using anything increased triple fold when I had children.

With my daughter I was just slightly more relaxed as she did not have any skin challenges but with my son, who has extremely sensitive skin, I went into overdrive.

Unfortunately no matter how organised I was, there was a time when I was away on holiday (can you believe it) and my son got a bum rash.
The only remedy remotely available was my friends Paw Paw ointment. So I gritted my teeth and used this product.

Petroleum derivative products are a huge no-no. Here is the thing, this stuff worked liked a bomb and there was no rash remotely evident after applying. It had worked better than anything else I had ever used.

This got me thinking how hard was it to make a fermented papaya cream?
After many experiments with my fearless environmentalist come mad scientist husband we worked out how to make the ferment papaya then started the long and tedious process of working out how to make a vaseline like product that consisted of all the was good and natural.

So after a long protracted process we hit the jackpot and came up with a product we loved, my son’s bum loved and my daughter believed had saved her from near death on many occasions.

Being the proud creators of our beautiful AYA balm we decided to launch it to friends and family who also went with ‘this stuff is just great’ and we started selling it to people we didn’t know and so we are now in the process of building our own local legend.

What does it do
Raw, sun-ripened papaya provides the active ingredient in AYA Balm, a 100% natural salve free from harmful petroleum products and parabens. With its high concentration of Vitamin A, papaya is abundant in anti-oxidants providing protection against damaging free radicals, and controlling premature ageing.

Papaya also acts a gentle exfoliant, with papain promoting skin renewal by removing dead skin cells, allowing your skin to shine the way nature intended it to.
Beeswax, olive oil and sweet almond oil form the base of AYA Balm.

The combination of these rich raw ingredients with the fermented papaya produces a calming salve that can be used for a variety of skin ailments, including:

– To soothe dry skin: use AYA Balm as a heel and knee balm, or as a treatment for dry, chapped lips. It’s also the ideal bum cream – completely natural and free from parabens, AYA Balm is safe to use on babies, or anyone with hyper-sensitive skin

– To protect against chafing: AYA Balm is great for any sports activities which cause chafing. Use the balm as a natural and effective alternative to lubricate the skin and protect it from chafing caused by friction. It can also be used to prevent wetsuit rash

– As an alternative to petroleum jelly: AYA Balm has similar properties to petroleum jelly (but with none of the bad stuff!), so use it wherever you would Vaseline or other petroleum jelly products

– Minor burns: use AYA Balm to heal minor skin burns or scalds. It’s also an effective ointment for soothing insect bites

– Dermatitis: AYA Balm is known to provide temporary relief from the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema.